The Battle For Salvation Underworlds Podcast

Episode 27: Happy Little Minis w/ Sam Lenz

May 10, 2020

Michelangelo?  Bernini?  Rodin?  Sure they made three-dimensional art, but they never painted them!!!  We need a real expert, a real artist to guide us in our artistic pursuits.  We need a new master.  And we got one.  Sam Lenz joins us on the program to help all you home-bodies up your hobby game.  See the pieces we discuss in the interview in the show notes below as well as Sam's patreon link.

Intro - Vassal Tournament review

20:20 - Sam Lenz Biography questions

37:30 - Sam Lenz’s thoughts on Underworlds models

43:20 - Conventions

49:50 - The Digital Frontier

Sam Lenz’s Keys to Painting Salvation

56:50 - Beginner Questions

1:24:25 - Intermediate Questions

1:34:35 - Advanced Questions




Gywnne Ironsoul:

Dimensional Bleedthrough:


Steelhearts Champions:

Magore Black:

Magore Red:

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