The Battle For Salvation Underworlds Podcast

Episode 31: Witch Better Have My Glory featuring Jimmy Molini

October 2, 2020

We got a live one for you all this time around.  Jimmy Molini joins us for a.....*ahem*....spirited discussion on Morgwath's Blade Coven and their many......*ahem*.....attributes.  Let's see if Max can keep it together; SPOILER ALERT - he does NOT.

Max's BC deck:,B214,B257,B263,B281,B282,B301,B324,B362,B393,B398,B429,N550,G17,G18,N385,B211,N319,B210,P56,B342,B295,P47,B201,B207,N503,N326,N299,B198,B385,N501,B431,N493

Jimmy's BC deck:,B198,B202,B281,B282,B301,G1,B197,B193,N319,N326,B257,B314,B211,B210,B207,B214,G18,G17,G14,B375,B366,B362,N493,B393,B385,B383,P55,B398,N501,B431,B429,N550&deckname=Molini%20BC


Intro - 00:00

Jimmy Molini Bio - 7:11

Blade Coven Intro and Character Cards - 15:40

Five and a Half Minutes Where You May Want to Cover Your Ears - 37:11

Faction Specific Objectives - 42:57

Faction Specific Gambits - 53:40

Faction Specific Upgrades - 1:01:58

Card Awards - 1:06:40

Deck Builds and Matchups - 1:18:03

Keys To Salvation - 1:30:48

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