The Battle For Salvation Underworlds Podcast

Episode 37 - ❤️ I Love You, Slann ❤️ w/John Wynne Rees

June 23, 2021

To delve deeply enough into the Starblood Stalkers we have on the program CritMaster Supreme, John Wynne Rees.  We discuss the faction, the faction specific cards, and how to play them in the current meta.  Why can't Randall pronounce "Lords of Space and Time" correctly?  It's a mystery.  

JWR Whips out his Deck:,DC98,DC102,DC106,DC108,B281,B282,B301,G1,B306,DC336,DC272,E13,DC109,DC110,DC113,DC117,B324,G14,B363,DC392,DC414,E27,DC122,DC125,DC127,DC128,B393,E51,E49,DC488,E48,E57&deckname=Starblood%20Stalkers%20JWR



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