The Battle For Salvation Underworlds Podcast

Episode 38 - Hungry Like the Vamps

July 15, 2021

Still working though our backlog, we come to the Crimson Court.  We have Gerard "The Professor" Padro on the program to discuss this multifaceted and challenging warband.  Bloodthirst or inspire?  Aggro or Control?  It's all possible!  🧛🏻‍♀️🦇🧛🏻🧛🏻‍♂️


Intro - 00:00

Hello - 03:50

Intro to Vamps and Fighter Cards- 6:20

Objectives - 26:25

Gambits - 38:30

Upgrades - 53:40

Card Awards - 1:02:00

"Whip out your Deck"

The Professor's Championship style deck - 1:14:00,DC132,DC138,DC148,DC453,B393,DC351,E27,DC320,DC361,DC425,E51,DC478,B375,E49,DC317,DC347,DC357,DC261,DC146,G3,B281,DC154,B373,DC392,DC456,DC329,DC130,B434,DC455,DC283,DC295,E5&format=championship&deckname=HoldingVampies

Max's Updated Vanguard Deck:  1:24:15,DC134,DC138,DC261,DC273,DC281,DC283,DC285,DC295,DC311,DC315,DC317,DC141,DC148,DC150,DC146,DC347,DC357,DC361,DC392,DC371,DC379,DC154,DC158,DC425,DC450,DC453,DC469,DC477,DC478,DC479,DC452,DC339&format=championship&deckname=Unsaved%20deck

Closing Thoughts on the Crimson Court - 1:32:15

Keys to Salvation: 1:37:05

Can You Roll a Crit?!?'s Twitch Channel:

Sidenote: We forgot to discuss the "Hunt's End" Vassal Tournament in our Tournaments segment.  Taylor Huss is using this event to raise money for his Eagle Scout project.  If you want to play/participate/donate, see the info below:

Hunt’s End Underworlds Tournament Purpose: to raise money for my Eagle Scout Project (a fire pit for church youth at Village Church in Columbia, South Carolina). I am asking for donations to help fund the project, as well as paying shipping costs for prizes. Donations will be accepted via PayPal. Please use the Friends and Family option to the following Paypal-Me link set up by my father, Brandon Huss (aka Hussmann77 on Discord): My goal is to receive about $250. Additional funds raised will be used to enhance the project such as a seating area or a cover for firewood. Format: Championship format (any FAR lists and/or FAQs from GW will be valid up to seven days before the tournament.) Here is the schedule: The time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST). All games will be played via Vassal. Deck Submission: Decks should be submitted no later than 8:00PM EST July 30th. Dates: July 31st to August 1st Day 1 (July 31st) Round 1: 9:00AM-10:45AM Round 2: 11:05AM- 12:50PM Lunch Round 3: 1:35PM-3:20PM Round 4: 3:40PM-6:25PM Day 2 (August 1st): Cut to top 8 or top 16 based on the number of participants. Round 5: 9:00AM-10:45AM Round 6: 11:05AM-12:50PM Round 7 (If needed): 1:35PM-3:20PM Prizes: 1st Place: engraved shadeglass trophy with winner’s name Best in faction: The player who has the best performance for each warband will receive activation tokens for that warband.(edited)

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